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What is COIN?

COIN stands for Concierge Innovation. We are a medical technology company founded by physician-inventors that was created to help our fellow physician-inventors bring their ideas to life by removing barriers and shepherding you along the journey to unlocking your innovation potential.

As physicians, we have the unique ability to drive technological advances within the medical field; however, we understand you may be facing innovation barriers like difficulty in determining where to start and whom to trust; lack of time, money, and resources to pursue the necessary market research for your idea; uncertainty about the quality of an idea; access to proper legal counsel; and the engineering required to take an idea from a pencil sketch all the way to FDA-approval.

At COIN, we're committed to protecting the physician's vision and ownership of an idea while overseeing every stage of development to make it a reality. Working together, we can help more patients live better lives.

Physician Innovation Network

Do you have a medical innovation idea you want to pursue? Are you passionate about being involved in physician innovation? By signing-up and participating in our Physician Innovation Network, you'll be joining a growing community of physicians-inventors, medical colleagues, and key opinion leaders.

In exchange for completing brief innovation discovery assessments, you'll be granted complimentary access to our team of market research specialists, and you may also become eligible for profit-sharing based on the surveys you complete.

Our market research team will work with you to create and distribute custom surveys to provide you with the data necessary to refine and build your ideas effectively. Our goal is to cultivate a community of physicians working together to provide meaningful input to help each other ideate, innovate, and realize their medical innovation ideas.

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Innovation Incubator

Our Innovation Incubator helps physicians fast-track innovation projects by connecting them with proven resources to bring their ideas to life. We have a network of trusted partners and resources to help physicians make their ideas reality.

Contact us to learn more about how your idea can become part of our Innovation Incubator.


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